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How to solve the problem of the cracking of the drawn part of the injection mold?

Author: Shenye Plastic TechnologyDate:2021-10-12Pageviews:453

Due to various unfavorable factors in the injection mold, the drawn parts are cracked, which is a very serious appearance defect. Too many defective products are even completely scrapped, which greatly wastes raw materials, reduces production efficiency, and wastes resource consumption. How should this situation be resolved?

       The pressing surface is unevenly colored and has poor matting, the pressing ribs are damaged, the length of the mold holder is not the same after installation, the vent hole and the drawing fillet are unreasonable. You can deal with the above conditions one by one. Trimming.

       The position of the test blank and the pressure of the air cushion are unreasonable and need to be adjusted within a suitable range. At the same time, gauze or other plastic cloth can be used on the pressing surface to adjust the flow and inflow of the blank. Change.

Injection mold

       The size and shape of the punching board are unreasonable and there is no certain number of process holes. It can be improved by changing the size of the punching board and adding process holes. You can also print grid lines on the test board to get a clearer picture. The condition of the sheet.

       The profile in the direction of the material flow is rough and needs to be polished. The rounded corners of the process supplement part can also be enlarged. In the subsequent process, the rounded corners corresponding to the shaping and drawing dies can also be appropriately used, but you need to pay attention to the amount of shaping and Stamping direction.

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